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            • August 14, 2018 Stripes, a Love Affair
              Stripes, a Love Affair

              The classic striped tees that we know today originate from the French coastal region of Brittany. The 1958 Act of France saw navy seamen in the area given a striped woven top bearing 21 horizontal stripes (one for each of Napoleon’s victories) as a uniform, known as a matelot or marinière. 

              The official Breton top, manufactured locally in wool and in cotton, was eventually adopted by many sailors across the region of northern France, and it was upon a visit to the coast that fashion designer Coco Chanel came across it. The seamen’s attire inspired her to create a nautical-themed collection in 1917, which was stocked in her boutique in the wealthy holiday resort of Deauville in Normandy.

              Chanel favoured masculine silhouettes to empower her female clientele, and was famously pictured sporting one of her lose-fitting Breton tops tucked into a pair of wide-leg trousers. High society soon cottoned on and members of the upper class adopted these stripy tops under blazers.

            • August 10, 2018 Outside Lands Food Hit List
              Outside Lands Food Hit List

              In theory, we’re going to Outside Lands to see Carly Rae Jepsen, Beck, Portugal. The Man, Bon Iver, Jamie xx, and all of the other incredible bands in attendance. But if we’re being totally honest and you know us by now, we’re also going because of the food.

              One of our favorite lady boss restaurateurs, Anna Weinberg, has curated an incredible line up of vendors that will help fuel our three day adventure. Our top six must trys?

              • Hawker Fare’s Khao Soi Spicy Tamarind and Pork Egg Drop Soup
              • Powder’s Taiwanese Shaved Snow Cone
              • A16’s Vesuvio Pizza
              • Petit Marlowe’s Truffled Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich
              • Del Popolo’s Wood-Fired Margherita Pizza
              • Lady Falcon Coffee Club’s Small-Batch Drip Coffee

              In a perfect world, we’ll go from show to show completely content because we’ve feasted on an array of unbelievable food SF is famous great is that?!

              Photo credit: Aubrie Pick

            • August 08, 2018 Vacay Moments in Daily Life
              Vacay Moments in Daily Life

              Shoot you guys, I love vacation. I know that this is stating the obvious, it’s just I’ve been ridiculously lucky to have a lot of extra special downtime this summer and now I don’t feel like working as much. I can’t deny, it’s an uphill battle.

              I’m all for the expression, ‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,’ but let’s get real, doing what I love means I’m pretty much working ALL the time.

              Unplugging and getting away from the everyday grind has been eye opening because I’ve realized I’m taking life too seriously. I need to incorporate little vacay moments on a weekly basis to mix things up.

              I think for me this means doing things like going to a tiki bar, sitting at a sidewalk cafe, trying to make poke at home and kayaking in the Bay. Any suggestions? What does a vacation moment mid-week or month look like for you?

            • August 02, 2018 Round Jubilance
              Round Jubilance

              Surprisingly large plumes of dust rise from each step I take; the 7am sun, low on the horizon is already exceedingly strong and there's a group excitedly forming around Mas, the beloved proprietor of Masumoto Family Farm, an 80-acre organic peach, nectarine and raisin farm near Fresno.

              I join the fray, not wanting to miss any of the orientation and truthfully, the air of fellowship and camaraderie is magnetizing. Since moving to SF, being part of a group, and the companionship that comes along with it, is more rare (getting better by the month, but still fairly infrequent); I feel a sense of oneness with everyone present because we're all preparing for the noble task of harvesting.

              While I feel light hearted and the instructions are simple enough, there's a sense of responsibility...Mas and his family have spent all year fully committed to extremely long hours, stress surrounding weather conditions and hard physical work to ensure a spectacular crop and now we're here to pick the last of the fruit for the season.

              The well thinned trees are heavy with fruit and the orchard feels both solemn and majestic, like a place of worship. We're grateful for the shade they provide as we all begin to gently squeeze peach after peach to ascertain if it is the right time to pluck it from a branch, its birthplace and home. Empty boxes become full and our hands become sticky from devouring robustly ripe fruits, dusty skin and all. My harvest team and I all talk cordially and easily, the fruit and the task at hand tying us together, creating a bond amongst strangers that is so's easy to forget we aren’t all old friends catching up and shooting the breeze.

              Hearing Mas and his family speak of their work both in person and through their writings, it's abundantly clear that with all their efforts, they hope to create something special with each tree and every fruit; they are undoubtedly accomplishing this, but I believe their true gift is the community they're building one peach and nectarine at a time - the beauty of this is that fruit lasts a season, but community lasts a life time. I won’t soon forget my experience in Del Rey and the feeling of how blessed I felt to be a part of the Masumoto family and farm, even for just a brief few hours.

              Note: I learned of the Masumoto Family Farm tree adoption program from Real Food Real Stories, for more info. about both visit and

              Photos by Mya Hwa