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2018 Bucket List + Giveaway

2018 Bucket List + Giveaway

2018 is a significant year...not only is it the 5th anniversary of my beloved brother’s death in May, I turn 40 in August as well. I’ve been ruminating on these two meaningful and important milestones as the weeks led to the new year and have made my mind up to dive into the next 12 months with a balls to the wall attitude. The culmination of these occasions is hammering home a strong theme for me - since I don’t know how much time I have on earth, I aim to love and live life to the fullest.

While I feel resolutions are pretty bogus, I do condone and fully support bucket lists, especially ones that are brimming over with enriching life experiences and ample opportunities to shake up mundane routines. I personally think that bucket lists should be generated annually because saying “one day” or “before I die” could mean I’ll never get around to experiencing my flights of fancy. I’ve enjoyed putting my list together and looking at it makes me smile; even just visualizing some of these activities gives me heightened purpose and has added a sense of excitement to my everyday groove.

2018 Bucket List:
- Ride in a hot air balloon
- Get back into ceramics - try a wheel-throwing workshop
- Stay in the nicest hotel in a 50 mile radius and enjoy a staycation
- Take Mya and Liam to Hawaii
- Go to Form Festival 
- Zipline somewhere with an amazing view
- Paddle board in So Cal
- Visit the Farallon Islands
- Cultivate a thriving veggie and herb garden
- Take a calligraphy class
- Visit at least 10 of San Francisco’s privately-owned public open spaces (POPOS) 
- Hike to Half Dome and climb the chain ladder to the summit

As I thought of this list, I took a 50 / 50 approach, some things will be easy to check off and are reasonable, while others are out of my comfort zone, will require saving money, getting in better hiking shape and / or psyching myself up. These later factors are transforming how I approach my daily life and I’m already implementing changes so this wish list can become a reality (i.e. budgeting, meditating on fear, taking longer walks than normal, researching gardening websites). Also, I think I’ve struck a healthy balance of reality and fantasy, so I won’t get discouraged out of the gate…I hope you’ll consider creating a similar list for yourself! To celebrate 2018 and bucket lists, we’re doing an Instagram giveaway this week, check out our wall for more details!

In closing I should note, a huge inspiration for me and my 2018 bucket list scheme was reading Chip and Dan Heath’s compelling book, The Power of Moments. If you have a bit of time, I highly recommend this insightful and easy to read book!

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