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2019 Bucket List

2019 Bucket List

After my meditation retreat, I’ve been decidedly less gung-ho about planning out the whole year. This is a huge deviation, normally I’m planning 12 to 16 months in advance. It’s extremely liberating; I have very little on my calendar beyond work deadlines, which I’m loving - just being in the moment and letting the days flow by.

However, I also believe in my annual bucket list because dedicating energy towards milestones can offer heightened purpose, add a sense of excitement to everyday life and make each passing year more vibrant and fulfilling. I’ve been pondering what would be meaningful for me and my family this year with a theme of tranquility; for now, this means staying closer to home compared to years past and approaching every list item with a less-is-more ideology. I’m aiming for relaxation and renewal to be built in, so my list is less about productivity and more about cultivating health and harmony.

2019 Bucket List:
- Maximize my SF Library card and read 12 books

- Get into a regular volunteering routine
- Go to an Avett Brothers concert; the obsession started here
- Visit Joshua Tree with Mya and Liam (my bro and I had the best trip there in 2008, it’s time to go back)
- Hang out on the rocks of the South Yuba River and soak in the rays
- Check out Lassen Volcanic National Park
- Stay at the Brewery Gulch Inn
- Continue my daily meditation practice
- Participate in a Nonviolent Communication workshop after reading this amazing book
- Find a pet (yes, I’m manifesting the pet that is meant for my hubs and I will seek us out)

As usual, I’m keeping my goals pretty approachable with a few curve balls in there to mix it up; I don’t want to get discouraged, but I certainly want to push the envelope to grow and test the universe a little. I’d love to hear if you’ve created a bucket list for this year or at least have a few must-dos you’re hoping and striving for.

Ps. How did I do with my 2018 bucket list? See below, there were some modifications and I only completely missed the bottom 3 italicized ones...not bad!

- Hike to Half Dome and climb the chain ladder to the summit - granted we didn’t summit Half Dome but Yosemite was pretty damn great without all the hooha
- Ride in a hot air balloon
- Get back into ceramics - try a wheel-throwing workshop
- Stay in the nicest hotel in a 50 mile radius and enjoy a staycation
- Take Mya and Liam to Hawaii
- Visit at least 10 of San Francisco’s privately-owned public open spaces (POPOS)
- Go to Form Festival - well, we went to Outsidelands and it rocked our world
- Cultivate a thriving veggie and herb garden
- Zipline somewhere with an amazing view
- Visit the Farallon Islands
- Take a calligraphy class

Photo credit: Joshua Tree Acres

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