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52 Fashion Seasons vs. 4 = Waste

52 Fashion Seasons vs. 4 = Waste

Americans now dispose of about 12.8 million tons of textiles annually - 80 lbs. for each man, woman and child. Why? Fast fashion.

Retailers like Zara, Target, H&M, Walmart and Forever 21 expedite the design development process to get more clothing in the hands of consumers quicker and at a very low price. It results in close to 52 fashion “seasons” per year instead of 4.

In order to meet such high demand, something must be sacrificed and unfortunately, that sacrifice is often related to the quality of the garment, its effect on the environment, and the human lives involved in the production process.

Fashion should not come at the cost of degrading the environment and human life. We’re encouraging everyone to recognize, the power is in our hands and we can make a difference simply by putting thought and compassion into what we buy.

We develop seasonless collections with classic designs that can be worn anytime of year, plus all of our styles are ethically crafted with the best, made to last materials, so you can look good and shop responsibly.

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