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7th Term of LA Teamers

7th Term of LA Teamers

We're so lucky to have a new rock star team of Loyale Ambassadors starting today! We've never had such a robust and talented team; during these trying times, we're not taking anything for granted, so we're celebrating this baller team big time! Hope you follow along with them and stay tuned for incredible photos, and recipes from this stellar group...

7th Term of LA Teamers:

   Carissa Kauwell + John Dyke
   San Jose, CA

   Bebe Carminito
   San Francisco, CA

   Danielle Smith
   Washington, DC

   Josh Lehenbauer
   Cincinnati, OH

   Valerie Six
   San Anselmo, CA

   Candice Ward
   Seattle, WA

   Callan Rowe
   Pittsburgh, PA

   Josh Borden
   Seattle, WA + Anchorage, AK

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