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A Brown Table

A Brown Table

I had the pleasure of attending a magnificent Real Food Real Stories event last night featuring Nik Sharma of A Brown Table. If you’ve been visiting Loyale’s blog or Instagram account over the last year, you’ll know I’m pretty infatuated with RFRS; it’s an exceptional non-profit that does an incredible job of gathering foodies together in beautiful spaces over scrumptious food. This organization has been a kind of lifeline for me over the last 12 months and made me feel very at home in this bustling city that can be overwhelming. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out and happen to live in the Bay Area, I encourage you to sign up for their e-newsletter to learn about future events, many of which are free to attend, you won’t be sorry.

Last night’s soiree was hosted by Chronicle Books and held in their airy headquarters to celebrate Nik’s lovely new cookbook, Season: Big Flavors, Beautiful Food. First we dined on a delicious smorgasbord provided by August 1 Five, a local, farm to table focused Indian restaurant. Then we segwayed into an intimate talk, where Nik spoke candidly about his upbringing and how he joined the culinary world by way of a very personal and flavor focused cooking blog he started seven years ago. We all came away extremely inspired with the words, “Be persistent in your passion…” ringing in our ears as we munched on Nik’s homemade spicy chocolate chip hazelnut cookies. It was an immensely enriching evening, made even more special by meeting Jan of Millie | Lottie, a neat local maker who specializes in ethically made market and picnic totes, while I was heading out the door. What a stupendous Wednesday night...

Below are a few recipes to try…certainly consider investing in Season and following Nik on Instagram, I love his posts (even more so now that he has a new kitten)...happy cooking!

Cauliflower Tacos with Cumin and Za'Atar via A Brown Table

Mango Pudding via Taste

Spicy Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies via Guittard

Photo credit: A Brown Table

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