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Bon Appétit Feature

Bon Appétit Feature

Christina Chaey of Bon Appétit wrote a poignant essay, ‘In Pursuit of Asian Joy’ and was kind enough to include Loyale…

The escalation of anti-Asian harassment, violence and fear that is undulating through our AAPI community is astonishing and painful. In this ongoing process of mourning, grieving, and wondering what’s next?, know that your trauma should never be minimized, feel what you feel and give it space. Take the time to process your anger and anxiety, whether it’s through heart to heart conversations, calling local politicans or even retail therapy. There’s no right way to face these injustices, do what feels right for you.

As Christina says, “I constantly struggle with self-imposed pressure to immediately do and say the ‘right’ things; post the 'right’ things on social media; learn the ‘right’ facts and histories, often in a crash course way; give to the ‘right’ organizations. But the reality is that much of this learning and doing will happen over the long-term project that is my life. When I’m able to say, “I’m okay with this kind of work taking a lifetime,” I can make space for other needs, for things like private grief and Asian joy.”

I’ve donated Compassion in Oakland, a non-profit volunteer group, which was formed in response to the surge of Bay Area anti-Asian attacks on seniors. And I have been lucky enough to spend some quality time with my pops recently, an immigrant from Shanghai...I savor our hangouts and hug him very tight every time we part ways because sadly I am scared for his safety, but I am doing my best to set aside fear, embrace love, and hope for a more equitable future.

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