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Bye for Now, Unicorn!

Bye for Now, Unicorn!

It was August life was in major upheaval having just relaunched the business and an impending move to San Francisco...I’d almost forgotten I’d posted an internship with UNC Chapel Hill until I received a promising application from Meg.

My first thought was “Do I have time to meet with her? My life is a tornado!” but her letter was too good and I could feel there was something special brewing, so I set up an interview and we immediately bonded. Meg was the perfect fit for the company and was game to work remotely from NC, so I hired her, knowing she would contribute an energy and work ethic that would benefit not only Loyale, but me personally. Turns out she was looking for a port in the storm as well, so we were a perfect match!

Nine months later, tons of initiatives accomplished and a million texts/phone calls exchanged, I’ve come to regard Meg as a great asset and a personal friend. I’m happy/sad to report, she’s now moving on from us....flying off all around the country with a cool summer gig and soon to be entering her senior year at UNC Wilmington. I’ll miss her, but know the best is yet to come for this unicorn and I keep thinking - how lucky am I to have known someone who is so hard to say goodbye to?!

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