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Canning Tomatoes

Canning Tomatoes

My favorite stand at the Ferry Building Farmers Market is The Peach Farm...sometimes there are 25 people in line and I wait patiently to shop their booth. They have hands down the best tomatoes and cucumbers, and yes sometimes peaches too.

This weekend they gave me heirloom tomato seconds for free and I was so overjoyed! I decided to can them as they were going past their prime fast. I liked the below recipe for ease, and frankly I was lazy as hell and did not do the peeling portion. We will see if I'll regret this decision in the winter when I pop these suckers open, ha!

Simple Easy Homemade Canned Tomatoes


9 lbs. fresh tomatoes
Fresh sprigs of basil or oregano
Lemon juice, I use bottled for ease
Clean or Sterile jars


To peel the tomatoes, bring a large pot of water to a boil. Wash tomatoes and cut a small 'x' in the bottom of each tomato, on the bottom side. Place tomatoes in the boiling water, not enough to over crowd. Cook for about 1 min. or until the skin just starts to peel off. Place the tomatoes in an ice bath to cool. The skins should just slide right off then. Cut tomatoes into quarters, larger ones into eighths.

Place a quarter of the tomatoes in a large pot and heat over medium heat. When they start to boil crush the tomatoes with a potato masher. Then add the rest of the tomatoes, do not crush and boil gently for 5 min.

For each jar add 1 Tbsp. lemon juice and one washed large herb sprig. Fill the jars with the tomatoes to about 1/2" head space. Wipe the rims and place the lids on and rims to finger tight. Process in a boiling water bath covering with at least 1" of water for 40 min. for elevations of 1000-3000 ft., 3,001 to 6,000 ft. for 45 minutes for 6,001 to 8,000 and 50 min. Remove jars to a towel lined counter and make sure they make a "popping" sound so that the lids are sealed.

Cool completely and store. Canned tomatoes should be used within the year.

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