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David's the New Tony

David's the New Tony

We've gotten very into David Chang's new Netflix show, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. We were putting thought into how to describe it, but Eater does a bang up job reviewing it, so here's an excerpt:

"It’s a travel show that bears the obvious influence of Anthony Bourdain and his on-screen exploration of people, politics, and culture in destinations near and far. And throughout all of these different genres, the narrative device of mealtimes looms large; after all, Chang and co. are there to eat, and they eat a lot.

The show born of these fascinating adjustments of the core variables could be called, optimistically, dynamic (or, less tactfully, uneven). It’s a series in which Chang comes into his own, fully owning the mantle of TV host and entertainment personality that he has been steadily inching toward since launching his Majordomo media group and stepping back from his Momofuku restaurant empire. He swears, he smokes weed, he lets loose in funny opening scenes. BLD comes across primarily as a vehicle for Chang to hang out with the fellow stars he would otherwise like to befriend in private — a fine enough pursuit — only framed through the act of literal consumption, for public consumption. If you’re a fan of Chang and his guests, then this will be a show for you."

All four episodes of BLD are now streaming on Netflix.

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