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Delightful Totes

Delightful Totes
Patagonia - Stand Up Bag
For anyone who shops across boroughs, it can be a pain in the butt when you can’t set your grocery bag on the subway floor without it sliding away or flopping over. This bag stands up on its own, so no need to hold on to it for dear life.

Russ & Daughters - Vintage Tote
Back in the 1940s, shoppers at this Lower East Side icon would take home their lox and schmears in a paper bag hand-printed with this “Queens of Lake Sturgeon” design. A few years ago, a Russ & Daughters regular came across one of them and the folks at Russ & Daughters decided to reprint it, albeit on environmentally friendly canvas.

Minna - Oaxaca Hand Woven Market Tote
If you want to shop and support makers around the world, these two bags fit the bill. This Minna Oaxacan bag is woven by Mexican artisans from dried palm leaves, making it extra sustainable.

Curated from 10 Reusable Shopping Bags You Need to Face New York’s Plastic Bag Ban by Nikita Richardson
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