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Dine Out or Stay Home?

Dine Out or Stay Home?

I've been dappling in the patio dining experiences of the Bay Area far I have felt 100% confident in the safety protocols and overall the food and service have been excellent! I know this is not for everyone, I live with my husband and dog and we don't have little ones or elderly family to be concerned with currently. I also have some money saved to throw at eating out, which is a luxury, I understand. Basically, we're hoping that 50 to 70% of the restaurants in the area don't go belly up and it feels safe for our circumstances to explore a little.

Today, in the midst of the heat wave, we ventured to Half Moon Bay for a delicious meal at Sam's Chowder House. Nestled on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it offers lovely oceanfront outdoor dining with a casual seafood experience reminiscent of an East Coast seafood joint. We enjoyed delicious creatures from the sea and Sancerre while soaking in the view and it felt extremely decadent...a feeling I've missed these last 5 months.

A few other places I've tried and enjoyed in the last few weeks:

I highly recommend making a reservation when dining out to ensure you don't need to hover in a group, line or other less than desirable scenario that may compromise your health. Also, of course, wear a mask when your server is present and have sanitizer on hand.

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