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Doing Our Part

Doing Our Part

"I don’t always write about the packaging for the products I review, but I want to today because I think that Loyale does something special. First of all, all my Loyale packages have all come with a really cute postcard attached to the outside. It is an actual postcard that you can (and I have) mail to someone with a nice little message on it. It has a picture of a rooster on it, so I don’t think I need to explain anymore. The garments themselves are packed up in a paper envelope, as opposed to a poly-bag, which I really appreciate. I try to find ways to reuse the envelope as well."

One of our Loyale Ambassador team members, Renée bravely stepped away from Instagram last year and is focusing on what matters to her - writing tremendously informative ethical living musings via her blog, Goblin Shark. She recently wrote an extensive review about our Ballet Tee and reflects on her time as an ambassador...her kind words made us blush! And the above excerpt felt apropos for Earth Day...

To celebrate Renée's lovely musings, Earth Day and the kick off of Fashion Revolution Week, we invite you to use case sensitive code fashionrev2019 for 30% off now through Friday!

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