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Holiday Spread 2018

Holiday Spread 2018

As the main event on the 25th nears and my shopping is complete, I like to shift my focus to the food and drinks because let’s be honest, I want to eat and drink everything! It’s become a bit of a ritual for me to write out an outlandish list and then pare it down based on the reality that sadly there is a limit to how much my family and I can consume...

A short list of my agenda:

  • Dungeness crab with Raft Wine's Viognier
  • Nicasio Valley Cheese board with Au Bon Climat's Chardonnay
  • Clams and beans (recipe below!) with Tito's vodka martinis
  • Scones from Zingerman's with Clevr Blends' Chai

Photo credit and recipe: Bon Appétit's Clams with White Bean Sauce

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