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Facing our Fears

Facing our Fears

It’s a been a doozy of a week. We’re feeling it in our eyelashes and toes. Here’s a beautiful meditation from @luminous_palm that’s perfect for these times:⁣

“Find some quiet time today or tonight to close your eyes and place a hand on your heart and breathe in long slow breaths. Invite in the fear. Imagine it sitting down in front of you. Thank the fear for trying to keep you safe. Then tell the fear “at this moment I AM safe, and I am grounding into this moment.” Then invite in love. Give it a color. Breathe in the color of love and breathe out any fear or tension you feel in your body. Repeat to yourself “at this moment I am safe and I am grounding into this moment.” See if you can can continue to breathe in and expand the love color until it fills your whole body. See if you can make it fill up the room. Keep expanding it to become as large as your house. Your block. Your city. The country. And if you can keep expanding this light and love until you visualize it spreading across the world.”

Photo credit: the amazing Mystic Mamma

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