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Farms Need Power

Farms Need Power

Today we're sharing an insightful New York Times op-ed about the extensive toll the power outages had on California farms, both large and small. 

“We are thankful that PG&E is taking steps to prevent the wildfires that their power lines can cause. I’d trade my farm in a heartbeat if it meant saving even one of the lives lost in last year’s fires. But it is not sustainable to damage agriculture, one of California’s most important yet most financially struggling industries, every time the wind blows. Farmers and rural communities rarely get more than lip service from business executives and politicians.” To read the full article, click here.

This piece features Sun Tracker Farm, which is one of Kitchen Table Advisors clients...KTA is one of our partner non-profits. Collaborating with them taps us into the delicate nature of farming and thus our food supply. Climate change is coming at us in ways we couldn't have imagined and it's pretty scary!


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