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Food Network Reminiscing

Food Network Reminiscing

We’re taking time to rewind and celebrate some cool things that have transpired since we launched our ethical kitchen essentials…one of these moments is seeing a rad on-the-rise chef wear our apron on an international platform, the Food Network.

Rashad Frazier, founder of PULLEDTOGETHER, is a food enthusiast who splits his time between Portland, Oregon and NYC. His business focuses on pop-ups and home cooking experiences so folks can enjoy bringing loved ones to the table to not only break bread, but shape traditions. 

In May of this year, I got wind that he was shooting a new show called, Hate It or Plate It for the Food Network and I sent him our Turmeric Apron on a whim. Well wouldn’t you know, Rashad wore our apron for the entire 10 episode season! Needless to say, we were we’re sharing all of the episodes linked below. Enjoy the fantastic recipes and how Rashad finesses his food phobia guests with his modern, unexpected dishes...

Teriyaki Salmon for Colton

Beet Toast for Viviel

Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Butter for Joseph

Quinoa Burger for Bill

BLT+A with Mayo for Lori

Mushroom Fajitas for Tinus

Roasted Chicken with Anchovy Chimichurri Sauce for Rachel

Coconut Shrimp for Mattias

Tandoori Eggplant for David

Grilled Corn with Olive Butter for Arielle

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