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Friday Feels | Celestial Pumpkins

Friday Feels | Celestial Pumpkins

It’s about that time of year again: warm latte’s, aromatic candles, and my favorite, pumpkin patches galore. October is the month we North Carolinians yearn for due to the wonderful things it does for our weather, landscapes and crop. I’m talking highs of 75, stunning tree colors, juicy apple-picking, and countless farms that open their gates for pumpkin picking - how can you not love this month?  

Pumpkin carving always gets me in the fall spirit, it’s something that truly warms my heart year after year. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that carving them is a family and friend affair or maybe it’s the artistic freedom I feel from getting to carve whatever I wish. Nevertheless, pumpkin carving and decorating is something I get way too giddy about, and I encourage you to grab your favorite pal and head down to one of the hundreds of patches speckled all over North Carolina, or wherever you live. Here’s a step by step guide from Martha Stewart to make celestial pumpkins, sure to make any porch festive…

By Meg Rupp

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