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LA Team | Get to Know Anna

LA Team | Get to Know Anna

Hello there! My name is Anna Haddock and I have had the pleasure of being a Loyale Ambassador for the past few months and would love to take a moment to share a little bit about myself!

Aside from being a coffee connoisseur and an avid Raleigh explorer, I am the owner of The Coffee Table. The Coffee Table is a lifestyle and fashion blog where I share pretty little things that bring joy to my world and that I hope will bring joy into the lives of others as well.  

About two years ago, visions of “The Coffee Table” danced in my head. I was finally in a place in my life where I no longer wanted to hide from the world. I didn’t want to be known as the quiet girl anymore. I had these dreams of beautiful things I could create and do, but before I could go for it, I had to overcome all my inner battles of self doubt. I had to tell myself that even if starting a blog went nowhere, I would be happy I tried and would remain confident in my abilities. From the moment I started, I have been able to meet so many lovely people and made friends I would have never made without taking that leap of faith. I would not be writing this to you now if it had not been for that moment.

The moment I decided to follow my dream of blogging I opened a door into a new world full of bravery. I accepted the fact that no matter who might be watching and not understand what it is I do exactly, I wanted to go for it. By starting my blog and beginning a journey full of sharing stories with the world, I have developed a network of creatives who inspire me daily. Each “yes” I give to following my dreams brings new opportunity. I am so happy I said “yes” to being an ambassador for such a wonderful company with a mission to change the world.

Love, Anna

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