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Getting Out of the Office

Getting Out of the Office

On Friday morning, I was lucky enough to sip from a deep well of inspiration at the SF MoMA. It started off with a captivating and intimate presentation from Christina Amini at Creative Mornings, who encouraged authenticity, curiosity, perseverance and collaboration. For the last fifteen years Christina has been the Executive Publishing Director of Art, Food, and Lifestyle Publishing at Chronicle Books…her insights about reaching success from a place of allowing, inquisitiveness and the “try, try again” mentality was extremely uplifting. In closing she left the crowd with a thoughtful question that we’ve added to our Loyale mantra list, “How are your values made evident by your actions?” Kapow! What a powerful, common sense question that should be addressed and pondered on a daily basis…

Following Christina’s talk, I sipped fantastic coffee from Sight Glass and wandered the museum with my CM buddy, Cory, the pioneer behind Camp Fireball, an imaginative and super fun variety show that collaborates with performers/speakers/artists from the community the event is taking place. We took in the scenery, good conversation and art while enjoying the new spring in our steps as the heightened positive energy from the morning trailed us. 

Ps. I highly recommend everyone check out Creative Mornings; they have monthly meet ups in more than 190 cities around the globe and they’re free to attend! And as a friendly reminder – let’s all get out of our grind once and awhile to experience a beautiful space nearby that might spark new creative ideas or at least give our minds something new to look at beyond a computer or phone screen.

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