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Gift with Purchase

Gift with Purchase

Today through December 6th we’ll be adding a sweet little tin of Jacobsen Sea Salt to your package. It’s been a tough year for everyone, so we decided why not treat our shoppers to a delicious gift with purchase?

These charming travel companions come in handy for outdoor dining, socially distanced snack sessions, camping and road trip picnics. We have a few dozen tins to offer and these cuties are sold out on Jacobsen’s site, so we hope you’ll take advantage while supplies last. Read on to learn about how their sea salt is harvested.

From Ocean to Tin…

  • Seawater is pumped from pristine Netarts Bay, filtered and stored in a holding tank.
  • Next, the seawater is pumped into large boil tanks where excess minerals are removed and the seawater is reduced to a thick brine.
  • The brine is carefully heated using custom made pans, creating beautiful flake sea salt.
  • The flakes are gently scooped from the pans and put onto racks for drying.
  • Once dry, every flake of salt is hand-graded and sorted.
  • After sorting it's sent to their Portland facility for packaging and distribution.
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