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Giveaway Winner | @vivian.p.chen

Giveaway Winner | @vivian.p.chen
Vivian Chen a photographer and biophiliac based in the Bay Area won our runner up prize of a ballet tee. California. She specializes in documentary wedding and travel photography. When she's not working, Vivian enjoys hiking, being outdoors, and photographing nature and landscapes. She shares more about herself here in her own words:

"I collect rocks from my travels and save trail maps in a binder that’s bursting at the seams. I’m a sucker for well-told stories, perfectly crafted jokes and good conversation. I prefer meeting friends for hikes rather than for cups of coffee. I’ve filled my home and office with too many houseplants and believe that trees are my spirit animal. Cloudy skies are much more interesting to me than clear blue ones. Once I missed a flight because I was too busy playing with Norwegian ponies and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Fresh mangos, lian wu and lychee from Taiwan are my weakness. My husband and I make up silly songs and sing them to our cat, Osiris because it makes us laugh. The week we spent backpacking in Yosemite's High Sierra backcountry left me awe-inspired and humbled by the California wilderness. In March of 2018, we fell love with a boy named Gus."
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