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Going Through It

Going Through It

We love Ann Friedman! And she has a new podcast that we're obsessed with called Going Through It sponsored by MailChimp. Give it a listen if you need some inspo this Monday!

"I have a new podcast! I'm the host of Going Through It, a show about decisive moments. Each episode is me talking to a different person about a time when they had to decide whether to quit something... or keep going. My guests are extremely honest about the hard stuff.

They address questions like: Should I turn my hobby into my day job? Oh god, what if self-employment and new motherhood don't mix? Is it time to leave the band that made me famous? Do I end my marriage? Should I stay in this congressional race with the odds stacked against me? Should I seek justice for myself and other survivors? Do I leave this industry where I don't fit in? Should I just move to Hawaii and paddleboard all day?

All 14 episodes are available now on Apple Podcasts (where I would *really* appreciate your rating + review) or wherever you listen to podcasts. They're also online here

I wrapped these episodes in late 2018. Last week, when I went to see if the podcast feed was live yet, I discovered that, in the interim, another podcast called GoingThrough It had launched. And it was too late to change the name of ours. I reached out to Kenechi and Natalie, who host the other Going Through It, and they were more understanding than they needed to be. So when you listen to my new podcast, I'm asking you to also subscribe to their showIt's hard out here for a DIY podcaster. Let's support them."

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