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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
When I look at this brioche bundle, I want to cuddle up next to it and wrap myself in a butter blanket. This image from our sensational Ambassador, Josh, evokes all of the holiday feels - hospitality, decadence and coziness. I can just imagine sitting around a big table for Friendsgiving, laughing, drinking and plucking these gorgeous carb pillows from their nest - glutenous conquerors that will happily slay any gravy that’s gone astray. That’s how I was raised, rolls were a special occasion food, a fancy offering for the holidays or ‘company’ with the good china and cutlery. And of course, they were presented tucked into the folds of a linen in a basket to be merrily shared. 

We will all miss our traditions. We will mourn the loss of connection, rituals, camaraderie and memories that can’t be made when we’re not breaking bread with loved ones at the same table. The challenges we have faced this year are oppressive, yet we continue to adapt and keep going. I admire this resilience in us...we’re all finding ways to persevere.

Cooking has always been therapeutic and uplifting for me, so I will pour my heart and soul into a feast for eight that need only to feed two. I will sip, savor, celebrate what I’m grateful for, and then carefully pack away all the extras in the fridge. Other well-worn and fond holdovers from my childhood, eat all the leftovers and save depleted bones to make stock. These will be delicious consolations and it will feel right to give thanks.

Wishing you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving...I’m grateful for your support. 
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