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Giveaway Winner | @gracefullybonkers

Giveaway Winner | @gracefullybonkers

Meet Brooke, the winner of our Pillow Fight giveaway! She wrote a lovely little bio that touched our hearts...once again, we're profoundly grateful for the special people we meet via Instagram and running Loyale. Follow along with her for further inspiration!

"My name is Brooke, I am 21 years old. Originally from Sandpoint, Idaho but am now living in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve always been an artist from the little girl painting, drawing and crafting at every waking moment to the woman I am now, who is a D.I.Y enthusiast and Graphic Designer in the making. Reading, writing, and baking are all very enjoyable to me. I love being outdoors, I love to travel, I love a good cup of coffee and I really just love life. It’s magical. Sometimes we are too consumed by what we are doing and where we are but if you open your mind to the possibilities, to the miracles occurring, they’re everywhere! So I say we just ride the rollercoaster with our hands up and hearts open."

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