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Just Show Up

Just Show Up

I learned about Glennon Doyle from Liz Gilbert’s podcast Magic Lessons (I loved that book Big Magic BTW and highly recommend that anyone looking to pursue their dreams read it). On occasion, I visit Glennon’s blog when I need a pick me up...this particular excerpt from Don’t Wait till You’re “Better.” Just Show Up resonated with me because as I’ve shared before, I’m a recovering perfectionist and Loyale is an avenue to face my fear that I’m not good enough. Showing up everyday is my way of being in the driver’s seat of my life and while it’s not always a joy ride, it’s a spiritual journey that is fulfilling and allows me to feel more connected to my heart.

‘We only have two jobs down here: 1) Follow Our Dreams and 2) Serve our Brothers and Sisters. The cool thing is that they go together. If we’re following our deepest, truest dream-the outcome of that is always service. And so we just need to get started.

I think the main reason people DON’T get started with their two simple jobs is that they are waiting to “be better” first. That sounds like this: I just need to be more patient or smarter or thinner or braver or more stable or more whatever before I get started. When we subscribe to that theory we never, ever get started. Because people don’t really change that much. We really don’t “improve” significantly. Especially by the time we’re my age- 38- it’s probably time to accept that we’re already pretty much who we’re gonna be. I mean, the fact is that nobody who writes a haiku about me is EVER gonna put the word “stable” in it. So I’ve just decided that instead of saying:  I NEED TO IMPROVE! it’s more brave and kind to say: MAYBE I’M GOOD ENOUGH FOR MY LIFE AS I ALREADY AM. That’s what I tell myself each day. I just assume that even though I’m messy, I’m good enough to provide whatever the day calls for. And then I just go ahead and show up – all jacked up.’

I encourage you to consider just showing up for something fairly insignificant once a week, say a Zumba class or cooking a new recipe, and if the outcome isn’t what you thought, who cares!? You went for something you knew might not be amazing and did it anyway - and that’s what counts! I say these things as the holidays are looming around the corner and we can all go a little crazy. Don't be perfect, everyone will still love you...

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