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LA Team | Get to Know Kelsey

LA Team | Get to Know Kelsey

Hi! My name is Kelsey Key, and I am a sophomore at UNC-Wilmington...yep, Meg Rupp and I go to the same school now! I’m from Atlanta, but absolutely love being near the beach for college. I’m majoring in economics and marketing; I plan to study abroad this summer in Germany to gain a better outlook on international business.

While I’m a Loyale Ambassador (my favorite job), I am also a desk receptionist on campus. Then most of my spare time goes to being the Vice President of Standards for my sorority, Kappa Delta, but I make time for my favorite hobbies: paddle boarding, horseback riding and snorkeling. Also, I’m a part of the surfing club (still not good at it yet) and paddle boarding club, which is a blast…

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