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LA Team | Get to Know Stephanie

LA Team | Get to Know Stephanie

Stephanie is one of our uber talented LA Team members...we love women who own multi-tasking and have no fear of wearing tons of hats. She is a mom, Raleigh influencer, major yogi, oh yeah, and the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Digital Officer for PointSource. One of her 2018 bucket list items is to bake biscotti like she used to with her mom. 

Here's a little more about Stephanie, in her own words, "I am 100% Italian, so it makes sense that I love eating, expressive gestures, and I care a lot about relationships (family, friends, colleagues and clients). I have a 10 year old daughter, Adelaide, 3 dogs, and I live on 8 acres in the country. I find as much time as I can for my yoga practice, and I love that I’ve been able to share that by offering yoga in the office several times a week. I am an avid reader, and also an academic. I have studied everything from architecture to cognitive science at Oxford and Carnegie Mellon University, and also teach at several different universities. There are people I have worked with, across companies and in different roles, for more than 15 years. Building teams and lasting relationships is something I cherish."

Thanks for being a great role model and joining our Winter LA Team, Stephanie! Follow along with her on Instagram!

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