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Linens for Good 11/17-19

Linens for Good 11/17-19

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, let’s consider who we are grateful for…

We’re inviting you to celebrate the exemplary people that are positively impacting your life through our monthly pay it forward initiative, Linens for Good. The nomination form can be accessed HERE and it only takes 2 minutes to fill out…

Last month exceeded our expectations and we had an incredible kickoff...check out our Stories for info. on the recipients Brown Girl Farms (Ashlee is pictured here), Happy Acre Farm and Cindy Similien. Our fourth winner wished to remain anonymous and that’s fine with us, but we’ll shout out that she was instrumental in securing free and stable internet for 100,000 Chicago-area kids so they could access digital learning platforms during the pandemic. These are the inspiring stories that we live for...regular people, accomplishing amazing things!

What is Linens for Good? All of us have experienced this challenging year in a different way, and we dreamed up with this program because we’re all in need of a mood boost. The nomination dates for November’s drop are today to the 19th. It’s simple, you take a few moments to nominate a person whose actions have made you stop and smile, whose selflessness has made a difference, and whose kindness has made difficult days a little easier. We’ll select 4 recipients and email them each a gift card to redeem their complimentary linen gift package. And yes, you can nominate yourself…

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