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One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary

July is a special time, it’s the heart of summer. The hustle of June is behind us and the bittersweetness of September is a safe distance’s a time to relax and refresh.

While I haven’t been relaxing too much, a beautiful website refresh has been in the works and is now live. This revamp feels especially good because it’s been one year since Loyale relaunched - what a 12 months it’s been! I went into Loyale 2.0 feeling seasoned and cake-walk confident, but the last 365 days have been 100% about testing my skills, radical education, scrutinizing, reflecting, pivoting, letting go and basically, flying by the seat of my pants.

I’ve experienced discomfort and joy, and felt waves of knowing and confusion as the company has progressed through 2018. Sometimes it’s necessary to learn as you go; this is challenging for me because I always want to be prepared and ‘ready’ before taking a leap.

I'm grateful I felt confident last summer, as I definitely had the floor fall out a few times in these last months, and I don't know if I would have made the relaunch move after all. From where I stand now, I wouldn’t trade in any of my experiences for a feeling of security because where's the adventure (aka stupefying personal development) in that?

Thank you for being here and supporting Loyale - it’s an honor to be on this journey with you! Use case sensitive code julysplendor30%off for 30% off your order (we always offer free US shipping and this discount expires on July 10th). 
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