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Power Outfit

Power Outfit

This is an outfit my hubs and pals are used to seeing because it’s been in my weekly rotation for 7 years! My ‘style’ morphing into this iteration after NYC is why I was determined to relaunch Loyale as an ethical everyday essentials collection...premium classics that last and go with items already in your wardrobe. And yes, clothing treated with care can have a long life…

Outfit breakdown:

  • J. Crew Top - $10 - Purchased in Arden, NC at J. Crew’s Distribution Center Outlet; amazing place, check it out if you’re ever up in the NC mountains.
  • Lululemon Sports Bra - $60 - great versatile bra that they don’t offer any longer.
  • Patagonia Yoga Pants - $90 - I’m really sad they don’t make this exact style anymore.

It may not look like much, but this is my get sh*t done outfit; it’s comfortable, flexible and I feel good in it...this really goes a long way - no humming and hawing in the AM, just hitting the ground running and taking care of my long to-do list.

And because I attempt to shop responsibly, I want to take care of these items, and all clothing in my closet, so they don’t fall apart. This means wearing them at least 2 to 3 times, then washing them in cold, inside out with Seventh Generation detergent and air drying them on my jumbo Ikea rack.

Correct, I wear my clothes, including Loyale tees, several times before I consider washing them, it’s the best thing you can do for your clothes (and the earth - it saves so many resources). After each wear I hang them on hangers to air them out, then boom, they’re ready to go again a few days later! A sniff test comes into play to determine if I need to pull the trigger on laundering an item. 

The point of this soliloquy? If you find clothing that you adore and pieces that serve you well, show them some tender loving care and they can be in your life for many, many years...

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