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Retrograde Cyclone

Retrograde Cyclone
We follow astrology closely and one of our essential resources is The Traveler's Well Astrology team. Follow this link to sign up for their informative newsletter (excerpt below) and consider booking a reading to plot the year ahead, it's invaluable!

"Following the two Solar Eclipses this Summer, we continue on an intense path with many planets retrograde. Retrograde periods are a time of re-thinking, re-feeling, re-analyzing, and re-defining. They can be important times of consolidation.
However, with so many planets retrograde all at once, you might be feeling a good dose of frustration. We want to look ahead to Mars, Saturn and Pluto (all in Capricorn) turning direct over the next 30 plus days.
Here are the current retrogrades:
  • Mercury Retrograde (ended on August 18)
  • Mars Retrograde in Capricorn (ends today!)
  • Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (ends on September 6)
  • Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn (ends on September 30)
  • Neptune in Pisces (ends on November 24)
  • Chiron in Aries (ends on December 9)
  • Uranus Retrograde in Taurus then Aquarius (ends in January 2019)
If there is such a thing as good pressure, this might be one of those times. There are moments in life when you have tried so many things that you simply are more open to receiving guidance and taking it to heart because you long so deeply for lasting change. You might even feel exasperated because the current path is getting very worn and you are feeling are drained.
Personally, we have felt frustration and a deep desire to understand why we were feeling how we were feeling. This retrograde time has brought several things to closure or very close to it. We have made so much sense of where we are now by looking back over the past years. We see the various changes we made over time and what each change introduced introduced into our world (for better or for worse). We are talking about big changes and turning points (like starting businesses, relocating, etc.).  Based on this big picture recap, we have a clearer understanding of what needs to be further released and what needs to be created, enhanced and further embraced.  
You might be feeling this too.  Movements that were feeling rusty are now freeing up allowing for greater expression. Think of the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, rusted into place.  Real, lasting change is taking place! 
This is an excellent time to strengthen your resolve for true change so that old patterns fade to their rightful place in history versus siphoning energy from the present.
As these retrograde periods have provided an opportunity to sift and sort and revisit where we are and why we are there and how we got there, we can now prepare ourselves to stop re-reading the same old script and take the first steps to write the new chapter. Mercury is now direct so our mind is once again focused on path before us and the steps we are currently taking. So, let's focus on the three planets retrograde in the sign of Capricorn: Mars, Saturn and Pluto.
With these three malefic planets retrograde in Capricorn, aspects of life that have not matured as we would like are feeling pressured. Capricorn is a sign that relates to the passage of time and societal expectations. Capricorn relates to societal expectations and can introduce social taboos and guilt. But, also your own structures: your finances, your career, your social status, your conditioning, etc. Old patterns running in the mind might have us focusing on fears, doubts, worry and concern.  
These old patterns do not serve and they just reinforce the notion that in some way we are stuck, powerless. Patterns from the past siphon energy from the present and, unless we greet them with the power of our spirit, they aren't going anywhere.
A retrograde period is a good time to recognize, review, and revise these habits, that is precisely why they should be tackled right now. Make progress when the headwinds are the greatest and embrace the fierce power of your spirit.  
Over the next 5 weeks, first Mars, then Saturn and finally Pluto will all move direct."

Read the full report here.

Art credit: Mystic Mamma
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