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Rising Toward It

Rising Toward It
Like so many, Covid has challenged my business in ways that I never could have predicted, but despite it, last week I onboarded two fantastic University of San Francisco remote interns and my new factory started production on our long awaited linen collection refresh. I also continue to support our 501c3 partners La Cocina and Kitchen Table Advisors because non-profits continue to need our financial contributions to do their important work. I’m profoundly grateful for this progress. It feels good to celebrate victories during this difficult time. Honestly, making new inventory feels both exhilarating and scary in the face of this unpredictable and bewildering time. However, I feel strongly that right now I cannot sit on the sidelines due to fear, I must rise towards challenges and keep showing up, come what may. I’m proud of my community and I hope we can steadfastly support one another, pivot like there’s no tomorrow, stay positive, and remain ethical in all of our decision making. Happy Monday friends!
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