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Root Down Farm

Root Down Farm

As you know we donate 2.5% of our sales to Kitchen Table we’re spotlighting one of their clients Root Down Farm. They are renowned for their humanely raised, free range turkeys...this year they sold out in just two hours.

Dede Boies started farming because she “loved the work and the simplicity of planting a seed and growing something that’s edible.” But it wasn’t long before she discovered another passion: humanely raising healthy and happy animals. For the last six years, she’s run Root Down Farm in Pescadero, where she raises chickens, ducks, turkeys and pigs in a pasture-based system that strives to integrate care for the animals with stewardship of the land.

Being located in Pescadero, with strong connections to the local farming community, has been an important part of Dede’s farm story. Dede first came to Pescadero as an apprentice at Pie Ranch, a farming and food system education center on the San Mateo Coast. In addition to gaining lots of hands-on farming experience there, she was also immersed in the local farming community, which led her to subsequent jobs at other area farms, and ultimately to the property where she now farms.

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