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SFMade Hearts Loyale

SFMade Hearts Loyale

We're delighted to announce that we've been accepted as a member company of SFMade!

If you're not familiar, it's a nonprofit organization that supports local manufacturers who create jobs and career pathways for local residents who have overcome barriers to employment for a more vibrant, equitable, and resilient economy.

Founded in 2010, SFMade has emerged as a full-service hub that connects low-income job seekers to employment and training opportunities; provides local manufacturers with educational resources and customized, one-on-one services; and arms policymakers with strategies and intelligence to create the conditions for home-grown manufacturers and their employees to thrive.

At the heart of SFMade’s work is the belief that local manufacturing taps into the unique identity and spirit of the city and the region, and an economy that prioritizes the workers, entrepreneurs, and artisans who make things has the potential for greater social and environmental impact.

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