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Spotlight: Camp Yoshi

Spotlight: Camp Yoshi

Rashad Frazier popped up on my radar when producers of the Food Network show ‘Hate It or Plate It’ bought a few Loyale aprons for him to wear for the series...Watching his heartfelt love of cooking and laid back vibes in all of the episodes made me feel like he was a dear old friend. Since then I’ve enjoyed following Rashad’s journey and it’s been an adventure - truly! CN Traveler recently covered his new gourmet glamping endeavor, Camp Yoshi, read below for an excerpt and give them a follow or better yet book an experience…I know I’ll be daydreaming of joining in one day!

“It was on a family camping trip to Montana’s Glacier National Park this past summer, that chef Rashad Frazier's dream of what would become Camp Yoshi first took shape. As he and his wife Shequita shared photos of glacially carved valleys and saw-toothed cliffs, they received a flurry of both awe and concern from loved ones. Isn't it dangerous? friends and family texted. Do you feel safe?

“With the pandemic, George Floyd’s murder by a police officer, and the social unrest that followed, they were stunned to see us so off the grid,” Frazier says. “But we never felt more relaxed. Having found our rhythm, we wanted to help others discover theirs, too.”

With the recently-launched Camp Yoshi, a multi-day adventure that pairs gourmet cooking with wilderness experiences, Frazier wants to bolster people of color’s confidence in traveling to remote places—and give them the tools to make venturing into the wilderness a lifelong endeavor.

For the North Carolina native, who began attracting a following in 2012 with his lifestyle brand, Pulled Together, and later with his catering platform Yoshi Jenkins, it's all part of a longstanding effort to empower other people of color in various aspects of their lives. Frazier is a nature enthusiast, childhood summers camping at his parents’ lakeside home having formed an early love for the outdoors, but he knows there are barriers to getting out there—something he learned on a national park-hopping road trip at age 17. “As amazing as [being outside] sounds, there was also fear," says Frazier. "That’s the trauma of camping for many African-Americans, passed down through generations. Getting outside, in the woods, was often associated with danger.”

With all of this in mind, Frazier announced Camp Yoshi's inaugural four-day culinary adventure last fall.”

And now reservations are available now for Camp Yoshi 2021 with itineraries to Moab, Utah; Telluride, Colorado; and Oregon. Visit to learn more.

Photo credit: Aaron Robinson

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