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Spotlight | Kristina Cho

Spotlight | Kristina Cho

We’re all about spreading the love for some of our favorite Instagram accounts this week and one of our top three super stars is Kristina Cho, also known as @eatchofood.

She is an architect turned home chef and I can’t get enough of her dumpling posts with mouth watering photos. Granted she does a whole lot more than dumplings, but as a dim sum fanatic, I lean towards her savory Chinese-inspired recipes and am aiming to participate in one of her workshops soon. 

Kristina and I officially met at a Pineapple Collaborative SF event several months ago, when the kitchen essentials collection was just a pipe dream. I pretty much geeked out when I saw her and introduced myself; just as I hoped, she is a humble, kind person following her heart and passions. I’m pleased to report she is now a Loyale partner and you’ll be seeing our goods sprinkled throughout her photo shoots! 

If you scoped out our social platforms, you probably saw the stunning Rose Siu Mai pic we featured. Pop over to Kristina’s blog for the full delicious, there’s a giveaway underway with her now on Instagram - enter now for a chance to win one of our SF-made aprons

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