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Spotlight | Real Food Real Stories

Spotlight | Real Food Real Stories

An RFRS Supperclub is an intimate and immersive community gathering set in home environments over shared meals and around honest and authentic storytelling from change makers in agriculture and food. Real Food Real Stories' mission is to humanize the food movement and inspire cultural and social change for a connected, healthy and just food system.

Tonight we’ll participate in an close-knit conversation with Sylvia Charles, founder of Spice Mama, which makes addictive chili sauces that combine a rich, Indian heritage with the beauty and freshness of clean California cooking. We’ll hear Sylvia's fascinating journey from her mother and aunt's aromatic kitchen growing up, to her own creations that seek to combine authentic Indian flavors with an application outside of traditional curries. The menu will include:

  • Flatbreads (Kerala Parathas) with Ginger & Coconut Chutneys
  • Turmeric lamb meatballs with spiced eggplant puree, over coconut rice & a drizzle of Tamarind chutney
  • Smashed potatoes with Turmeric-Tahini-Orange sauce + Cilantro chimichurri
  • Rice pudding (Kheer) with Pistachio, Pomegranate, and Just Date Syrup​

It should be a lovely night of food adventures, mingling and enjoying epic San Francisco views from the St. Regis Residence venue.

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