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Spring/Summer LA Team Members

Spring/Summer LA Team Members

Spring gives way to a fresh start and an amazing new crew of LA Team members! We couldn't be happier with the wonderful women who've joined us and our program has grown, so now there's double the fun. Learn more about these gals below:

Claudette Smith
Southern Pines, NC
Favorite restaurant - Betsy's Crepes in Southern Pines, NC

Emily Seibel Yates
San Francisco, CA
Favorite restaurant - Din Tai Fung in Singapore

Amanda Rose Meling 
Raleigh, NC
Favorite restaurant - City Market Sushi in Raleigh, NC 

Emily Zhuang
Austin, TX
Favorite restaurant - Miss Korea Barbecue in New York City 

Anna Haddock
Raleigh, NC
Favorite restaurant - The Cheesecake Factory in Raleigh, NC

Candice Young - LA Team Leader 
Raleigh, NC
Favorite restaurant - Tazza Kitchen in Raleigh, NC 

Joelle Reynolds 
Statesville, NC
Favorite restaurant - Vaqueros in Statesville, NC 

Meg Rupp 
Wilmington, NC
Favorite restaurant - Circa 1922 in Wilmington, NC 

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