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Stop the Madness

Stop the Madness

Burberry has burned $116 million worth of their own inventory over the last 5 years to 'protect their brand.' Thankfully after serious backlash they've vowed to end this practice; we learned more about this disturbing company policy and turnaround via the NY Times:

"Politicians, campaigners and other critics rounded on Burberry. Kirsten Brodde, who heads the Detox My Fashion campaign at the environmental charity Greenpeace, said that Burberry “shows no respect for its own products and the hard work and natural resources that are used to make them.”

With many customers, particularly younger shoppers, becoming more ethically and environmentally conscious, the practice was becoming increasingly damaging to Burberry’s image.

Finally, the company said on Thursday that it would stop destroying unsold merchandise, adding that it would also stop selling products that used real animal fur."

Read the full article here...

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