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Thank you + Happy 2020

Thank you + Happy 2020

Thank you. You made 2019 magical.

Earlier this year after some serious road blocks, I decided to pivot the direction of Loyale towards ethical kitchen essentials. I sketched out detailed plans and did my best to adhere to a rigorous relaunch plan. Thankfully, a great number of kind people went out of their way to help me, including purveyors, Instagram influencers, editors, like-minded entrepreneurs, photographers and chefs. Miraculously, the new line debuted in late June and we're now close to being sold out of the new collection; what was just an idea this time last year is now a reality and so many of you are using our aprons, linens and oven gloves in your home, which is incredible! 

I appreciate your support of Loyale, as I know full well that are tons of unique companies or even just more convenient ones that you could patronize. A big virtual hug goes out to all of our new friends, I've loved seeing you join in from the NYT's feature and meeting you at our events!

National press and popping up around the Bay Area these last few months have fortified me...the level of personal connection I've felt from you all has laid a strong foundation for me to plot out the year ahead. I have a lot of ideas and even more energy, which is why as you read this I'm halfway through my digital detox. I'm looking to create a bit more space to approach 2020 with measured focus and not a frenzied tornado.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, I look forward to it unfolding with you by my side!

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