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The Glass Incident Fire

The Glass Incident Fire

The fire season that came a month early has been violently devastating one of my favorite places on earth and wiping out the livelihoods and belongings of many people I know. So many influential culinary establishments that were already ravaged by Covid have been destroyed by the Glass Incident Fire...

At least 19 wineries, restaurants, and resorts have been destroyed or damaged by this explosive fire and containment remains low.

Rest in peace The Restaurant at Meadowood. This beautiful photo is from A New Napa Cuisine: A Cookbook by Christopher Kostow, executive chef at TRAM.

I know many of these enterprises will rise like a phoenixes from the ashes, sadly many homeowners and small businesses in the region may not be so lucky. Sending healing thoughts to all those effected and of course, the firefighters on the front lines...

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