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Titanic Rising

Titanic Rising

I’ve been brainstorming and developing some new pieces over the last four weeks...When it’s time to get creative I find music helps quiet some doubtful voices in my head and allows for a flow of productivity.

Right now, I have Weyes Blood’s impeccable Titanic Rising album on repeat because it’s so complex, dystopian and hopeful. It feels parallel to my life and I feel supported by the themes and grandiosity of Natalie Mering's current work.

Sometimes when I’m designing a new collection, I feel confused, I question my intuition and know-how, but simultaneously feel optimistic that what I create will speak to people. Also, I’ve been missing my brother a whole damn lot as of late...more than normal. He’s been gone almost six years and there are periods of time that this just weighs on me. Besides being my best pal, he was really integral to Loyale’s success early on, loaning me funding and taking work on new aspects of the company without being able to speak to him continues to feel unsettling.

So because I’m a little sad, well-executed melancholy music feels right and Titanic Rising has been a great companion to my activities and mood...My favorite lyric from the album?

“No one’s ever gonna give you a trophy / For all the pain and things you’ve been through / No one knows but you.”

Sing it sister…

If for some reason, you and I are cosmically on the same emotion level today, sending you light and hugs.

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