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Travel | Lassen National Park

Travel | Lassen National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park is in northern California and is a miniature Yellowstone, complete with fumaroles and mud pots, as well as a new LEED-certified visitors’ center. It's rich in hydrothermal sites like Bumpass Hell and the summit of Lassen Peak Volcano offers views over the surrounding wilderness. Nearby, the Devastated Area is littered with lava rocks from its last eruption. A network of trails through forest and around several lakes connects with the Pacific Crest Trail in the north.

When to Go
The volcanic areas are best visited in summer and early fall. Heavy snows close most of the main roads in winter.

Highlands Ranch Resort 
Drakesbad Guest Ranch 

Dine / Imbibe
Bartels Giant Burger in Corning 
Elenita's Mexican Restaurant in Willows 
The Restaurant at Highland Ranch in Mineral 
Drakesbad Guest Ranch in Chester 
St. Bernard Lodge in Mill Creek 
JJ’s Cafe in Old Station 

Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center
Boiling Springs Lake Trail
Hike to the peak of Mt. Lassen
Take a soak in Drakesbad hot springs pool
Hike over Bumpass Hell - it's finally reopened!
Cinder Cone Nature Trail
Manzanita Lake; go to the Camper Store and rent a kayak

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