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Typos + Self-Love Coexisting

Typos + Self-Love Coexisting
Do you treat yourself nicely when you make mistakes? I don’t. I’m working on it, but the abusive self talk can come on pretty quickly and blind me for awhile. For example, I wrote and proofed our e-news Digest dozens of times, and somehow there’s still a typo? And I wrote a few important emails this week, that I also reviewed many times - guess what? More typos. These are minor examples, I could go deeper, but it’s all the same rubbish. Perfectionism is meaningless because it’s not possible to be perfect, but somehow I’m still striving for the impossible and it’s not serving me. Being aware of my inner dialogue in the wake of discovering errors and missteps, and being kind to myself is a powerful self-love exercise I’m really attempting to get better at. If you’re reading this and know what I’m saying, I’m sending hugs your way. 
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