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About Us

Jenny Hwa | Founder of Loyale Studio Jenny Hwa | Founder of Loyale Studio
A Note from Jenny
I’ve always wanted to run my own business. From a very young age it seemed like the only way people could bring their ideas to life, no matter how obscure, and make a living doing what they love, so I founded this company in 2004. Through the years of running Loyale, there have been significant ups and downs, but one thing rings true, being an entrepreneur ignites my soul and I feel like this creative expression is essential to my existence. I also feel strongly that there is a conscious way to manage a business and so Loyale’s day to day fundamental operations are based on ethics, gratitude, inclusivity, giving back and cultivating community. If you’d like to read more about my journey, click here.
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Short and Sweet
Loyale is a woman and minority-owned company.
We responsibly source the highest quality materials from sustainably run mills.
Our products are designed and ethically produced in San Francisco, CA.
5% of sales are donated to La Cocina and Kitchen Table Advisors.
We also donate products to the underserved with our Linens for Good initiative.
Our packaging and cards are eco-friendly and made in the US.
We Are Seriously Local
Did you know San Francisco is 7 by 7 miles? We design, develop and produce each product within the city limits. Our pattern maker is in the Dog Patch, the family-owned factory we partner with is in Potrero Hill and we ship orders from our studio in the Outer Sunset. We deliberately and happily stay local because we want to support small businesses in our city and reduce our carbon footprint. To learn more about the steps we are taking to run a sustainable and principled company, please visit our Ethical + Eco Promise synopsis.
Our Mascot
We love our beloved rescue dog, Ruby. There were many serious downsides to the pandemic, but when we get melancholy nowadays, our pup lessens the weight of it. The truth is, we wouldn’t have gotten a dog if it weren’t for Covid flipping the world on its head and our lives would be vastly less rich and fulfilling. We found our dream girl via Petfinder, which we highly recommend; it’s the best aggregated listing platform and connects you with rescue organizations of all sizes. What mix is Ruby? We have no clue, but suspect she is part Whippet, Catahoula Leopard, and Australian Shepherd. Regardless, as most people say, our rescue dog rescued us and this rings so true!
Loyale Studio's Mascot Loyale Studio's Mascot