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How can I ensure my Loyale linen lasts?

We recommend washing your linens in cold water and air dry them. Avoid washing our linens in hot water, using bleach or putting it in the dryer, as these create significant wear and tear over time, as well as potential shrinkage and loss of vivid colors. 

How did Loyale determine the price points?

Our goal is to create long-lasting, ethically produced products you’ll love for years to come. There is significant outlay related to crafting each style in non-sweatshop, fair wage factories with the highest quality materials; we even go so far as to use ethically made trims, logo/care labels and eco-packaging. Each piece we create is consciously crafted and handled with care, this takes time and manpower, and adds to production costs. 

Most companies are continuously leveraging shortcuts to increase profits and offer low prices, thus unethical production practices have become the norm. We’re investing more money into our products and the people who make them. It’s also important to note that we aren’t producing thousands of units like larger, commendable brands, such as Williams Sonoma and Sur la Table; we’re committed to crafting products in small batches and this limits our economies of scale. 

Finally, while we keep our overhead as lean as possible, there are year round costs related to design development, sample making, order fulfillment, shipping, printing materials, sales platforms, insurance, communications, rent, office supplies, charity donations, legal fees and accounting expenses. We’ve done the due diligence on our value-based operation and our prices reflect this. We’re looking to follow our principles and passions by building a company that makes our customers happy and covers the cost of doing business.

Does Loyale offer a bulk gifting program for clients?

Yes! If you’re a real estate agent, law firm, indie tech company, etc. looking for turnkey, high quality holiday gifts, please contact us about our customizable gift options. We do the work so you don’t have to...Loyale offers gift wrapping, signature greeting cards and trackable shipping. Please contact us to learn more.

What if the item I want is sold out?
Please contact us for more information about restocking dates.

Does Loyale wholesale opportunities?

We are actively looking to partner with like minded brick and mortar stores to sell our products. If you’re interested in partnering up, please contact us and tell us about your store.

How are charities selected and when do they receive donations from Loyale?

We keep an ongoing list of worthy social enterprises who are making a difference on both a macro and micro scale. In general, we collaborate with groups working towards solving larger scale challenges, like inclusivity, food pipeline security and worker’s rights. Currently, 5% of our sales are donated on a monthly basis. If you have a charity suggestion or would like to nominate your organization, please contact us with the details.

Does Loyale have seasonal discount codes and host online sales?

We do not offer discount codes, but we have launched our Linens for Good initiative that we encourage you to check out. With our focus on small batch, timeless, well-made pieces and our veto of the traditional retail season trajectory, we don’t offer discounts like clockwork. We’re proud of the collection we’ve developed and go out of our way to support thoughtful mills, factories and social enterprises. Our philosophy is that building our business is a marathon not a sprint and we’re seeking to connect with customers that appreciate what it takes to craft a socially conscious product from scratch and see value in what we’re offering.

Does Loyale create custom products?

Yes! If you’re a shop, winery, restaurant, etc. looking for holiday gifts, swag and the like, please contact us and let us know what you are brainstorming. Please note, lead times are usually around 60 days for custom projects.

How did Loyale determine its fabric selection?

Fabric is the foundation of an exceptional product; we go to great lengths to find worthy materials because prints, fiber quality, drape, hand feel and durability are paramount. We collaborate with Japanese mills that invest in state-of-the-art technology and high integrity fibers to ensure the development of superior quality materials. Our partners also take ecological and sustainable steps like recycling waste water and using low-impact dyes.

There have been a lot of ups and downs in the organic and eco-fabric realm; while we know being ecologically sound is not a trend, conscious consumerism continues to be squelched by fast and low quality companies. Behemoth retailers have created a world where low prices and discounts take precedence over origin and quality. As a result, fabric mills who were renowned and committed to creating wonderful sustainable fabrics must charge extremely high prices or can’t survive. We’ve examined hundreds of fabrics from the U.S. and abroad, and our current fabrics received the highest reviews for quality, drape, color story and hand feel. Unfortunately, most organic fabrics currently available do not offer all of these attributes and if they do, we’d have to charge 25% more per product, which we feel is unreasonable. We continue to seek out fabric sources that meet our small batch minimums and quality standards; if we can move towards a fully sustainable fabric selection without being forced to create unstylish or astronomically priced designs, you’ll be the first to know and can celebrate with us! Looking at the bright side, we’re proud to support ethical factories in San Francisco while donating a portion of sales to charities. 

What is Loyale’s privacy policy?

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