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Sunset Gift Guide

Loyale Studio Sunset District Gift Guide 
San Francisco’s Sunset District is one of the largest neighborhoods in the is more than 4 square miles and close to 10% of SF’s population lives here. Once mostly windswept sand dunes, the Sunset was described as "the most idiosyncratic, bohemian and unique neighborhood in the city's history" and went by the moniker, Outside Lands. Now, it’s a melting pot of second- and third-generation Irish and Asian immigrants, families, surfers, artists, and SF State and City College students.
Loyale is based in the Sunset and we've come to love so many businesses that are established out here in the Avenues. We are striving to ensure that our friends, neighbors and fellow business owners thrive during this bewildering time, so we've curated a Sunset Gift Guide to spotlight the unique establishments that call this special corner of the city home.
Home + Nesting
Avenue Dry Goods  Home goods  Follow
Black Bird Books  Home goods • Follow
Coffee n Cream Press  Greeting cards • Follow
Fog City Pottery  Ceramics  Follow
Foggy Beach Designs  Woodworking  Follow
General Store  Home goods  Follow
Georgia Hodges  Ceramics + murals  Follow
Loyale Studio  SF-made linens  Follow
Plunge  Towels  Follow
SF Sunset Pottery  Ceramics  Follow
Woodshop • Furniture + art • Follow
Flowers, Plants + Gardening
Nine Swords Design • Wreaths + blooms • Follow
Rae & Rose Floral Co. • Wreaths + blooms • Follow
Sloat Garden Center • Gardening + plants • Follow
Urban Farmer Store • Gardening supplies • Follow
Off Hours Necessities
Aqua Surf Shop  Surfboards + gear  Follow
Avenues San Francisco • Surfboards • Follow
Black Bird Books  Puzzles + books • Follow
Case for Making  Art supplies • Follow
Dogwood Botanicals  CBD beauty • Follow
Iris • Skateboards • Follow
Lindsay Stripling  Art classes   Follow
Mollusk Surf Shop • Surfboards • Follow
Recess Collective  • Online classes  • Follow 
Swell Bicycles  Bikes + repair services • Follow
Tunnel Records  Vinyl + beach gear • Follow
Apparel + Accessories
Adapt   Hoodies, masks + tees  Follow
Andytown Coffee • Sweatshirts + hats • Follow
Avenue Dry Goods • Clothing + vintage • Follow
Cody Ferris  Jewelry • Follow
Collab SF • Jewelry + clothing • Follow
Establish • Tees, sweatshirts + hats • Follow
Footprint • Shoes + apparel • Follow
Iris • Hats + hand bags • Follow
Kira Kids • Gifts, clothes + toys • Follow
Lady Alamo • Bags + masks • Follow
Mohinders • Leather shoes • Follow
Mollusk Surf Shop • Clothing + gear • Follow
Odsy • Leather goods + masks • Follow
Passage One • Bags + masks • Follow
San Franpsycho • Clothing + masks • Follow
Food, Drinks + Caffeine
Andytown Coffee • Coffee + bites • Follow
Avast Bakeshop   Bread   Follow
Avenues San Francisco • Bites + drinks • Follow
Chalos • Empanadas + coffee • Follow
Devil's Teeth Baking Co. • Bakery • Follow
Driftwood Bread Co.  • Bread  • Follow
Gold Mirror • Classic Italian • Follow
Guerra Quality Meats  • Butcher • Follow
Gus's • Gourmet grocer • Follow
Henry's House of Coffee • Coffee + bites • Follow
Hook Fish Co. • Bites + fresh fish • Follow
Lady Falcon Coffee Club • Coffee + tea • Follow
Little Burde • Chocolate • Follow
Other Avenues • Groceries • Follow
Outerlands  Bread and brunch  Follow
Palm City Wines • Food + natty wine • Follow
Papa Mak's  Burgers  Follow
Queens  Korean superette Follow
Seven Stills Taproom • Brewery • Follow
Stix • Corn dogs + boba • Follow
Sunset Cantina • Mexican bites + blooms • Follow
Sunset Reservoir Brewing Co. • Brewery • Follow
Sunset Roasters • Coffee • Follow
The Pizza Place  • Pizza + wings  • Follow
Trouble Coffee Co. • Coffee • Follow
Twisted • Gourmet donuts + coffee • Follow
Woods Outbound • Brewery • Follow
Events to Shop Local in the Sunset

We urge you to go out of your way to shop local this year for the holidays, wherever you’re based, because it may provide the boost necessary for your favorite establishments to survive. If you don't know what to get someone, go with a gift card, this kind of support helps small businesses enormously.

In the age of a global pandemic, as well as economic, political and social instability shopping locally strengthens communities. Local purchases keep the wealth in our neighborhoods, increasing the prosperity for the people around us. Buying locally enables us to invest directly into our local economy and we can help a neighborhood purveyor stay in business in today’s challenging climate. 

As our society evolves, our actions matter now more than ever. Whether you’re a consumer, stay at home parent, entrepreneur, student, artist, businessperson or policy maker, you can make a difference. As you plan for the holidays, ask yourself if you can find what you’re looking for at a locally owned establishment rather than online or at a major chain. Challenge others to do the same, together we can be the change we wish to see in the world...